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Optional Workshops
Some of the more 'specialized' areas of worship ministry may need occasional input. BeyondWorship™ offers the following additional clinics:

"Don’t Forget the Choir!"
Tremendous things can be done with and for church choirs! By participating in this intensive workshop, choir members feel loved, remembered, challenged, broadened, and appreciated.

"Singers and Players"
BeyondWorship takes the vocalists and the instrumentalists of your worship band and tightens their sound. This happens by running rhythm section, color instrument, guitar, and vocal sectionals in order to get the blend churches are looking for. Fine musicianship brings about great leadership.

"Special Music That Really Sings!"
Sometimes including people in special music can be tricky! This seminar encourages leaders as they find, equip, and utilize the different people who like to 'perform' in church, and everyone gets better at what they do.

"Techno-Media Support"
Bells and whistles, knobs and sliders are occasionally overwhelming. Technicians are often trying to just keep up with the changing face of technology and media. But 'look, sound, and feel' can be very understandable, and this thorough workshop moves technicians and media artists from a fear-based experience to one that is fun!

"Adventure-Based Team-Building!"
Teamwork often comes through all kinds of outdoor programming, including group initiatives, low and high ropes courses, and rock climbing. Roles become defined and discoveries are made through this exhilarating process of challenge and discovery. Gifted facilitators promote deepening relationships that yield a growing harmonization of the craft.

"Emerging Artist-Learner-Leaders"
BeyondWorship recognizes the brilliance and giftedness of young people in the church, and believes student leaders are part of the church today—not the church of tomorrow. By participating in this roundtable event, high school and college-aged musicians get to 'have their music heard,' and are able to gain extremely beneficial guidance for their art, their leadership, and their understanding of the Christian faith.

"Guest Leading”
Often preachers, singers, and players need a break. Sometimes it’s nice just to see it done another way. BeyondWorship provides people to fill slots when everyone else is either out of energy, or needs a little lift from the outside. This is never an imposition, as BeyondWorship approaches these opportunities from the 'inside,' maximizing growing relationships and becoming more a part of the church for a weekend.

"Worship and Culture"
Some leaders want to learn more about postmodernism. This seminar offers eye-opening, encouraging, easy-to-grasp teaching on what’s happening in the world around us and why it often makes us feel uneasy about our worship. Spending time together in this workshop leaves participants believing they can achieve much more of a 'we-they' connection.

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"Kelly brings a dynamic, balanced and thoughtful approach to worship planning and leading. In working with our worship team, they went from feeling demoralized to being completely energized by the coaching and encouragement that Kelly provided. It was like watching a plant turn toward the sun, and the same thing happened with our congregation in worship as well."Len Tang
Founding Pastor
Sherwood Presbyterian Church
Sherwood, Oregon