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Worship Analysis and Transformation
BeyondWorship™ serves church leaders, pastors, and worship teams in identifying where they are, envisioning where they want to be, and strategizing how to get there. Coming together with mutual honesty, humility, and hard work, ministry leaders are challenged to fuse thinking and acting in developing a worship approach that is true to the mission of their respective churches, and irresistible to everyone in attendance.

The Worship Analysis and Transformation process includes the following personal engagements and support materials:

"A Safe Place" (Mutual Interviewing)
The process begins with an honest conversation. Together we conduct a confidential and non-judgmental discussion to determine if a coaching partnership seems beneficial to you and your team.

"An Unbiased Perspective" (On-Site Diagnosing)
BeyondWorship goes 'on-site' in order to analyze what is happening at the local level. Through observing rehearsals and services with impartiality, we offer a fresh perspective on the impact of worship within your unique environment.

"A Clear Direction" (Goal-Setting)
Together, we determine an attainable and timely set of goals for the transformation of your worship program.

"A Sustained Momentum" (Phone Coaching)
At this point in the process, a high level of energy and enthusiasm has been reached. To maintain forward momentum, weekly phone conversations will provide worship leaders with additional coaching, encouragement, and support while tracking the progress of pre-defined worship exercises.

"An Inspiring Visit" (On-Site Instructing)
BeyondWorship again goes on-site to work specifically with developing worship teams. These visits are intended to identify what is required to achieve the defined goals. Through the process of participating in enthusiastic and motivational coaching sessions, worship teams progress swiftly to increased proficiency and effectiveness.

"A Reflective Evaluation" (Audio/Visual Assessing)
To maintain a constant dialogue, BeyondWorship offers additional encouragement and coaching through reviewing and responding to audio and video tapes of worship services, which are provided by the worship team.

"A Capstone Retreat" (Get-Away Celebrating!)
This might be the most important event of all. Leaders and artists of the church are invited to a unifying, heartening, strengthening overnight event. BeyondWorship takes care of all the details: program, worship, teaching, and hospitality. Participants are asked to simply come and be ministered to.

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"Kelly met us where we were, on our level. He came in with no pre-conceived notions, only the benefit of his experience, which seemed to encompass all that we were dealing with. Best of all, he gave each person on the team action points to begin a process of growth, rather than settling for the status quo. The whole experience was an exciting, engaging adventure in the 'basics' of a worship team."Gary Valencia
Worship Leader
Grace Fellowship Church
Dixon, CA