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merging theory and practice

Merging Theory and Practice
Both learning and doing are key to the success of the BeyondWorship™ model.

We must embrace a theologically-informed, intellectually-friendly process of digging deeply into the 'stuff' of worship. It is clearly not an easy journey, but it is for our own good that we consider methods and strategies and education practice. So many books and articles have been written in an effort to get a handle on this amazing subject, proving its wonderfully mysterious quality.

On the other hand, we must embark upon the practice of worship in order to develop our craft and hone our artistic and leadership skills. This is why BeyondWorship insists on 'coming alongside' the churches who deeply desire to develop their worship programs.

A good example of this kind of merger can be found in the learning and playing of a chord, for instance an Abmaj7 chord. We can tell each other that the notes in that chord are Ab-C-Eb-G, but until we put our fingers on the frets or on the ivory and actually play the different positions and inversions, we have really accomplished nothing. It also applies to how we lead. We can consider the concept of 'rapport' with other worshippers, but until we truly get in the room and stand before them, we will never fully realize the responsibility that is ours as worship leaders.

The most important thing to consider with both learning and doing is to operate from a strong foundation of amazing grace.