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Today's vibrant, growing churches demonstrate a rich worship culture defined by a transformational meeting with the Living God.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of ministry leaders encounter difficulties in the planning and implementing of worship. They often face some type of fragmentation within their churches due to 'worship wars' caused by people desiring to experience worship their own way. As a result, leaders feel overextended and under-equipped as they try to create distinct worship experiences that are appropriate and meaningful to disparate tastes. Ultimately, worship leaders often experience fatigue, disillusionment, and frustration as they try to keep up with an ever-changing environment - both inside and outside the church.

Based on a firm belief in the power of local church worship, BeyondWorship™ exists to help address these tensions. Our variety of strategic coaching services, including the Worship Analysis and Transformation process, are designed to empower ministry leaders to transform their worship experience through merging theory and practice.

As a result of partnering with BeyondWorship, pastors and worship leaders

  • are freed up to keep what they like of their old ways while developing new techniques and worship styles
  • continue to grow in their appreciation of the beauty of worship and achieve something increasingly real and engaging
  • accomplish better results in planning, playing, and leading
  • watch their worship 'work' as they all 'get on the same page' and bring out the best in their people
  • are encouraged and equipped to worship in a style that is increasingly authentic, enthusiastic, and energizing
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"Kelly is tuned to the deeper contours of God's whisper to the church, focused on ways to empower excellence in both the theology and practice of worship, and is keenly attentive to the practices that must be realigned if we are to bring sensitive balance to the worship issues in the church of today." Phil C. Zylla, D.Th.
Academic Dean and Associate
Professor of Pastoral Theology
McMaster Divinity College,
Hamilton, Ontario
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