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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.    Do you have a denominational affiliation or doctrinal statement?
A. Dr. Kelly Ballard, is a commissioned and licensed minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church of America. Other coaches are actively involved in various Christian churches.
Q. Can I 'purchase' only part of the coaching process?
A. Priority must be given to those churches that have agreed to the typical contract. This is not to say occasional ‘pieces’ aren’t available—it simply requires some creativity.
Q. Do you have some ways that I can come up with the required fees?
Here are four ideas:
1.   Denominational Funds: Denominational leadership sometimes comes along side churches that desire to take the next step in worship arts leadership.
2. Churches Adopting Churches: Churches that have reached a healthy equilibrium in worship arts leadership act as 'parents' to churches within their span of influence. By underwriting part or all of the coaching fee, these parent organizations help further the worship development of others.
3. Benefit Concerts: Guest artists (even your very own!) can provide benefit concerts for the sake of raising funds for host institutions that otherwise might not be able to take advantage of BeyondWorship services.
4. Capital Campaign Tithes: Growing churches that have embarked upon capital campaign drives for physical plant or other ministry-related purposes, regularly choose to set apart a certain amount of their funds as gifts to churches in need.
Q. How quickly can we get started?
A. It is usually possible to begin the Worship Analysis and Transformation process immediately, with an on-site visit occurring within the first six weeks after coming to agreement.
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