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Our Underlying Convictions
1.    BeyondWorship™ partners with churches in identifying, harnessing, and engaging their unique worship potential.
2 BeyondWorship does not simply impose a pre-packaged worship formula. Rather, it takes the local church through a thoughtful process that energizes the spirit, focuses ministry, honors relationships, and clarifies mission. These elements culminate in an increasingly vibrant worship expression.
3. BeyondWorship understands that many pastors and worship leaders are unable to keep up with the worship leadership task as they try to retain the heritage of their church and also be relevant in an ever-changing culture.
The top six issues worship leaders face:
a.    differing opinions regarding style and taste
b. a need for relevance, to stay abreast of culture
c. a need to honor and retain their heritage
d. the burden of the task (interpersonal relationships and logistics)
e. artists’ proficiency range (amateur to professional) and distinct temperaments
f. the multi-faceted roles of artist, theologian, and minister